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TS BJP Leaders pay tributes to Sushma Swaraj

TS BJP Leaders pay tributes to Sushma Swaraj

Hyderabad: The Bharatiya Janta Party today paid rich and glowing tributes to Sushma Swaraj who passed away last night following a cardiac arrest .

The Condolence meeting was led by Dr. Laxman BJP State President along with Mr. Bandaru Dattatryea former Union Minister, Indrasena Reddy, Dharma Rao , Chayya Devi , Chintha Sambhamurthy Vijay laxmi Aruna Jyothi and others .

Later addressing media persons Dr. Laxman recalled Sushma Swaraj’s contribution to the  Party the Government and her special role in the separate Telangana Bill due to which Telangana was a reality he said.

Dr. Laxman said that fondly known as Chinnamma in Telangana (meaning younger mother ) he said that she had good relations with every one irrespective of Party affiliations and she served every one during her long tenure as Union Minister for 25 years.

Dr. Laxman said that she entered into politics as a college going student . She was a leader of the ABVP and was elected President in her College . After completing her degree she was elected for Assembly and was the youngest member in the Cabinet . She Was a Minister since 1977 from Haryana . Subsequently she became a Parliamentarian and got elected from New Delhi and became the Chief Minister of Delhi. She was also elected to Rajya Sabha . During her entire career she had a good record and had high reputation with highest representations at International level he said and added that as Union Minister for External Affairs she made a good name for herself and the country both Nationally and Internationally. She was also very popular as Union Minister for Broadcasting and Union Minister for Medical and Health during which she brought in lot of changes including declaring the film production as an industry .

He recalled her contribution to the Telangana Bill which she had raised specially when children were being killed in the University fighting for seperate Telangana . She raised her voice in Parliament at the plight e of students struggle during the Telangana movement . In fact she was instrumental in creating a situation for the Bill for seperate Telangana .She made representation to Prime Minister of India on the bad situation in Telangana , the education problem water supply and other issues which were being affected during the Telangana struggle period . Dr. Laxman said that even though she had nothing to Do with Telangana she acted as if she belonged to Telangana while conveying the problems engulfing the citizens in Telangana. All this she had raised in the Parliament.

After becoming the Minister for External Affairs she helped thousands and thousand of people residing outside the country in reuniting them with their families he said.Telangana people had great regars for her as thousands of people from the State sort her help when they found their family members were stuck abroad specially when they were fooled by middlemen on job related issues.

He said her untimely death was a big loss to the nation and to the BJP  Dr. Laxman paid rich tributes  on behalf of the Telangana BJP and in particular students and youth of Telangana  

Bandaru Dattatreya former Union Minister recalled his association with Sushma Swaraj as both were in the Cabinet and paid rich tributes to her . He said he had a long association with her in politics and India would miss her .

On the occasion Dharma Rao, Krishna Sagaar Rao senior bjp leaders , Chintha Sambharmurthy State Secretary Chayya Devi  Vijaylaxmi and Aruna Jyothi state office bearers were present. The BJP paid floral tributes in front of a photograph placed in the Party office.

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