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Step-mother arrested for murdering minor girl

Woman strangulated girl, mutilated body, dumped it in open plot

Step-mother arrested for murdering minor girl

Hyderabad: The Medchal police on Monday arrested a 30-year-old woman for murdering her step-daughter and dumping her body in an open plot in Medchal.

The incident had taken place on July 20. The crime scene where the mutilated body of the minor girl was found presented a stomach-churning sight. The girl’s body was partially wrapped in a plastic bag with the face completely carved away to the bone and eyeballs missing.

The body was found by locals in an open plot in the colony where the woman lived. The disfigured face of the girl prompted them to call the cops who reached the spot with a CLUES Team and the dog squad.

Police had said then that opined that girl was between 12 and 15 years old, and was murdered elsewhere but the body dumped was in the open plot.

The dead girl was later identified as Jyothika, a student of a government school nearby. The woman accused has been identified as Pitla Nagamani, who works as a labourer. She was married to Subramanyam, who had a 12-year-old daughter, Aravamala Jyothika, from his first marriage.

Following investigations, police determined that Nagamani had murdered Jyothika by strangulating her with a towel, disfiguring her body to make it hard to identify and then dumping it in an open plot.

The CLUES Team took samples of blood stains and finger prints of the murdered from the spot.

“The girl was murdered in a house at Brundavan Colony in Medchal. The room where she was murdered was covered with sheets of cloth and the blood stains were washed clean. The CLUES Team collected blood stains by using chemicals. They reconstructed the crime scene and seized a towel that was used to strangulate the girl,” said PV Padmaja, DCP of Balanagar.

Speaking to the media, the official said that Pitla Nagamani married Subramanyam in November

Authored by Mohammed Hussain

[email protected]

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