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Moderate rain likely to occur at many places of state

Moderate rain likely to occur at many places of state

Hyderabad: Light to moderate Rain or Thunder showers very likely to occur at many places over Telangana

 In Hyderabad and its neighborhood the sky conditions will be generally cloudy with few spells of rain or thundershowers and the temperatures remaining at 26 and 22 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile Southwest Monsoon has been Vigorous over Telangana. Very heavy rain occurred at isolated places in Adilabad & M. Malkajgiri and heavy rain occurred at isolated places in J. Bhupalpally, Kamareddy, Kumaram Bheem,B.Kothagudem, Nizamabad , Nirmal, Jagtial, Medak, Siddipet and Warangal_Rural districts of Telangana.

Rain occurred at most places overTelangana. Bazarhathnoor (dist Adilabad) 13, Dindigul (dist M. Malkajgiri) 12, Venkatapuram (dist J. Bhupalpally) 11, Perur (dist J. Bhupalpally) 11, Boath (dist Adilabad) 10, Jukkal (dist Kamareddy) 9, Bejjur (dist Kumaram Bheem) 9, Naga Reddipet (dist Kamareddy) 8, Kaleswaram (dist J. Bhupalpally) 8, Pinapaka (dist B. Kothagudem) 8, Ranjal (dist Nizamabad) 8, Sarangapurnrl (dist Nirmal) 8, Lingampet (dist Kamareddy) 8, Sarangapur (dist Jagtial) 8, Banswada (dist Kamareddy) 8, Yellareddy (dist Kamareddy) 8, Tekmal (dist Medak) 7, Palawancha (dist B. Kothagudem) 7, Sirpur (t) (dist Kumaram Bheem) 7, Gajwel (dist Siddipet) 7, Medak (dist Medak) 7, Burgampadu (dist B. Kothagudem) 7, Papannapet (dist Medak) 7, Govindaraopet (dist J. Bhupalpally) 7, Birkoor (dist Kamareddy) 7, Nallabelly (dist Warangal_rural) 7, Mirdoddi (dist Siddipet) 6, Utnur (dist Adilabad) 6, Tadwai (dist Kamareddy) 6, Ramayampet (dist Medak) 6, Pitlam (dist Kamareddy) 6, Gudurwrgl (dist Mahabubabad) 6, Kothaguda (dist Mahabubabad) 6, Gandhari (dist Kamareddy) 6, Manuguru (dist B. Kothagudem) 6, Kotapalle (dist Mancherial) 6, Hanamkonda (dist Warangal_urban) 6, Yellandu (dist B. Kothagudem) 6, Narsapur (dist Medak) 6, Eturnagaram (dist J. Bhupalpally) 6, Navipet (dist Nizamabad) 6, Khanapur (dist Warangal_rural) 6, Chegunta (dist Medak) 6, Kowdipalle (dist Medak) 6, Venkatapur (dist J. Bhupalpally) 6, Dahegaon (dist Kumaram Bheem) 6, Dharmasagar (dist Warangal_urban) 6, Varni (dist Nizamabad) 5, Jogipet (dist Sangareddy) 5, Luxettipet (dist Mancherial) 5, Zaffergadh (dist Jangaon) 5, Aswapuram (dist B. Kothagudem) 5, Madnur (dist Kamareddy) 5, Bhadrachalam (dist B. Kothagudem) 5, Manthani (dist Peddapalle) 5, Mudhole (dist Nirmal) 5, Mahabubabad (dist Mahabubabad) 5, Kothagudem (dist B. Kothagudem) 5, Bayyaram (dist Mahabubabad) 5, Sangareddy (dist Sangareddy) 5, Parvathagiri (dist Warangal_rural) 5, Atmakurwrgl (dist Warangal_rural) 5, Julurpad (dist B. Kothagudem) 5, Mulakalapalle (dist B. Kothagudem) 5, Dilawarpur (dist Nirmal) 5, Medchal (dist M. Malkajgiri) 5, Doultabad (dist Siddipet) 5, Bhiknur (dist Kamareddy) 5, Tupran(arg) (dist Medak) 5, Dummugudem (dist B. Kothagudem) 5, Shayampet (dist Warangal_rural) 5, Jagadevpur (dist Siddipet) 5, Chennaraopet (dist Warangal_rural) 5, Tekulapalle (dist B. Kothagudem) 5, Hasanparthy (dist Warangal_urban) 5, Narsampet (dist Warangal_rural) 5, Garla (dist Mahabubabad) 5, Ghanpur (dist Jangaon) 5, Jangaon (dist Jangaon) 5, Hyderabad A.p. (dist Hyderabad) 5, Chennur (dist Mancherial) 5, Munipalli (dist Sangareddy) 5, Nawabpet (dist Vikarabad) 5, Hakimpet Iaf (dist M. Malkajgiri) 5, Narayankhed (dist Sangareddy) 5, Parkal (dist Warangal_rural) 5, Raikode (dist Sangareddy) 5, cms each of rainfall.

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