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Hyderabadi youth’s journey to Islam

Hyderabadi youth’s journey to Islam

Hyderabad: A Hyderabadi youth who was a non-Muslim embraced Islam after making a thorough study of the religion.

Talking about his journey, the youth told that he started showing interest in finding the real god when he was a student of 9th standard. He used to think that all religions believe in one god but they perform worship in different ways.

When he asked his classmate, Shaik Muzaffar Ali, ‘who is our Lord?’, he got the reply, ‘He is Allah (SWT) and he is Light. He doesn’t need anyone’.

Youth completes study of Quran in six months

Later, he got curious to get more knowledge about Islam. He completed the study of the Quran in translation within six months.

He also studied the life of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). He never used to take the name of the prophet without ablution.

Ultimately, in 2014, he embraced Islam. His name was changed as Gulam Mohammed Naveed.

He further told that all of us should worship Allah (SWT) and be prepared for death which is bound to happen any day. He prayed for the progress and prosperity of the Muslim Ummah. It may be mentioned that the youth has completed his Engineering course and very soon, he is likely to proceed to Australia for further studies.

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