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Hyderabad: Convict of mother’s murder commits suicide

Hyderabad: Convict of mother’s murder commits suicide
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Hyderabad: A convict in a murder case of his mother was undergoing treatment in a mental hospital, Yerragadda. He was given a life sentence by the court.

The day before yesterday, he committed suicide by hanging himself with an exhaust fan with the help of bedsheet.

According to the report of SR Nagar Police, 24-year-old Feroz Khan who was sentenced life imprisonment by the court was admitted into Yerragadda Hospital on 5th August.

At 6 a.m. on 18th August, he hung himself with the exhaust fan and committed suicide. The officials of the hospital informed SR Nagar Police. The police visited the hospital and shifted the body of Feroz Khan to Gandhi Hospital.

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