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Here’s to why women can’t have a flat stomach like men!

Here’s to why women can’t have a flat stomach like men!

The notion that in order to look beautiful, healthy, a woman should have a flat stomach has infiltrated the society with not only men but also women nowadays desperate to fit the standards of this society.

 Well, not only is this far from the truth, woman regardless of their stomach size it is a rarity to have a perfectly flat stomach, Usatoday reports.

“This belief is setting women up for failure because a woman’s stomach isn’t meant to be flat,” said Ashley Wood, RN, BSN, contributor at Demystifying Your Health.

Speaking of this issue that has infiltrated the mindset of our society, she said, over and over again, she comes across her friends, strangers killing themselves to suck any bit of bulge from their stomach.

The Scientific reason to why that is not possible is:

Women have extra padding to protect their reproductive organs.

“The design of a woman’s anatomy is different than men,” Wood says. “In addition to having room for digestive organs, like your stomach, liver and intestines, it has to have space for your reproductive organs and needs extra padding to protect all of these vital organs. This process of naturally storing fat cells in the stomach area begins during adolescence and young adulthood in preparation for childbearing later in life.”

 “When men lose weight, they tend to lose their visceral fat, which is the layer of fat behind their abdominal muscles, while women typically lose subcutaneous fat, which is the layer of fat just below the skin,” said Caleb Backe, a certified personal trainer and health expert.

“Both your visceral and subcutaneous fat contribute to your achieving a flat stomach, which is why some women find it harder to do so than others. Furthermore, factors like hormone regulation play a role in storing visceral fat, which is why many women are not biologically built for a flat stomach.”

Ariel Johnston, a registered dietitian who specializes in treating eating disorders, cautions clients that they’ll likely see fat accumulate around their stomachs.

“When weight restoring through increased nutrition, the weight is distributed unevenly and goes to the stomach first,” she says.

“This is amazing because it is the body’s way of telling us that it needs the extra fat layer there to protect itself. The mechanism behind this isn’t fully understood, but after adequate time and nourishment, the fat is redistributed throughout the body.”

So all women out their, love you’re the way its made

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