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Girl forced to love, commits suicide in Hyderabad

Girl forced to love, commits suicide in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A girl took the extreme step of committing suicide when she was forced to love.

According to the report of the police, Navaneeta (24) had fallen in love with youth by name, Bhaskar Reddy.

Later, she came to know that Bhaskar Reddy has cheated many other girls under the pretext of making love.

After she came to know of it, she maintained distance from him. Despite this, he was insisting to continue her love.

Bhaskar Reddy went to her house on the 10th of March and showed her earlier photographs.

Vexed with this, she made an attempt to commit suicide. Her sister got her admitted into a hospital.

Police Madannapet registered a case and started searching for the man.

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